RAPID 1-2-3® HEMA CASSETTE® Platform

The RAPID 1-2- 3® HEMA CASSETTE® (Cassette) platform is an early design used to assist in the diagnosis of infectious diseases. The Cassette provides proof of the presence of either antibodies or antigens/parasites in a test sample after reaction through the use of a proprietary developed lateral flow strip. Specifically, our Cassette RDT uses lateral flow immunochromatographic technology to detect the presence of antigens or antibodies in human blood, serum or plasma samples.

All capture antibodies are bound to a sheet of nitrocellulose membrane on which the Test and Control lines are made visible under the appropriate conditions. If the target analyte is present, then a visible red/pink line will appear in the results window at the Test “T” Line. In all cases, a similar band will be present at the Control “C” Line. The absence of the later band implies an invalid test.